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I'm Dylan Sena.

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CEO of DraftBuff, ex-Amazonian software developer at Amazon Alexa/AWS Directory Services. Math and Physics double major and minor in Computer Science from University of Michigan.


DraftBuff is a free and social fantasy esports platform on a mission to make esports more fun and engaging for fans, all centered around fantasy meta games. We provide two types of fantasy games: tournaments and leagues.

With the ElectAMeal Chrome extension, kiss that regret feeling away when you order the wrong meal at a restaurant. Simplify your Yelp experience by easily seeing what the best meal is at your favorite restaurant. Participate by up/down voting your favorite meals as well.

If you love watching Nick Mercs as much as I do, then you will love this Alexa skill. Ask Alexa if your favorite streamer is currently streaming. More features to come.

My first Alexa skill is not intended for you. It is to tell my girlfriend I love her with daily compliments.


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